I placed an exclimation point on my title. I'm not sure I'd go that far. But I am excited about the opportunities that have presented themselves over the last several months. Have a lot to do when I get to the best bars in Nashville.

I will be playing open-mics and shows along with and just like everyone else - so if you happen to see me out and about, don't be shy - come over and introduce yourself. Let me know what's going on.

I'll be writing, pitching, singing, and working a lot. If the bar scene isn't your scene, your in luck as we also have the best coffee in Nashville.

One thing I am really excited about I can't even talk about yet. I've been working on building something unlike anything else ever seen for the internet - particularly for the songwriting community. It's going to be supercool and if the success of NashvilleHype! is any indication, it's going to be a huge success. So I hope to find some really talented (and deep pocketed) partners.

Of course since Michelle sings 5 songs I've written including "Heart of a Hero", it's in the best interest to work on her career and that will play a part of what I'll be doing in town. There are several people to meet with concerning her career and what she will be doing next. She is in negotiations of a major management contract at the moment - but it's a toss up as to whether the nagotiations will work out. Regardless, I've handled basic management and worked hard for her for over two years and that will continue for a while.

Last but not least of course is this site. Being out on the road while trying to maintain the site is simple thanks to the power of the Internet - but more and more I've needed to meet with people, talk to people, learn about people on a personal level - which I can't do while I'm away. So I'm excited that I will be able to accomplish so much more by being there than by being on the road - and though I'm really just ready to go home and spend time with Michelle and the kids - in some sense, I have no choice.

I'll be seeing you soon. And the site here will be better than normal before long! Thanks for sticking around Nashville.

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